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Konami has had a lasting influence on gamers like Neill who work at Ubisoft. (Not to say that he had anything to do with that on Jam Sessions but I know he at least wrote a Gradius clone and had it snuck into a debug build of Love Triangle Dating Challenge - activated via the Konami code.)


Haha, that is terribly awesome.


We never shipped Love Triangle with the Gradius minigame in it. That was just something I was screwing around with to practice on BREW.

Hell yes Konami has had a lasting influence on me, though.


nice dude, thanks a lot, I was getting really bored of the game, this opens up a new window of enjoyment in world of Jam Sessions. Rock On!


Wow! Looks pretty awesome, will have to check it out or something, thanks a lot!


Doesn't seem like a smart way to get people to buy it from Best Buy. People post codes like this all the time on the internet for everyone to use. But whatever, I'm not gonna complain about the extra songs. :P

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