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Well, I went to a (game-specific) Feng Shui guide for Animal Crossing on Gamecube, and not only did my house end up looking like crap after my attempts to "game the system", but I can't say I consciously noticed any particular benefit from it.

Maybe they've changed it for the DS version, but my suspicion is that it'll take a lot of experimentation with results that are difficult to measure in order to figure out what should go where in your Animal Crossing home to make more fish show up. And if you go to a guide, it gets dull mighty quick. And either way, I'm not sure how much the experience improves when you're luckier.


Hmm, I just tried rearranging the few items that I have and it seems to work. Before rearrangement I tried three trees and nothing dropped ... rearranged and 800 Bells + 2 items dropped from 15 trees in a row with 1 tree in between drops. I went a tried a few more trees ... frequency of dropped decreased, but I still managed to get another 500 bell and two bee stings. Not bad, for a non-scientific test.

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