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You know what I thought of when I read that article? Space Channel 5. It's another music game with a moving storyline. Especially the climax. You play a reporter who saves people from aliens by dancing. When a giant robot takes out her sound system, she's effectively left helpless with nothing to dance to.

Then you hear a faint voice. Then another. And another.

One by one, the people you saved join in with the music you need to beat the last boss until it sounds like the whole world is cheering you on. Just awesome.

Get it on Dreamcast, get it on PS2, hell, get it on GBA if you have to. Part 2's not bad either.


I just bought this game last week and totally fell in love with it. Like you I don't like the usual dance game, but after playing a demo of Elite Beat Agents I decided to give it a try. I'm slowly working my way through and am very impressed. Last night I played the level that you said made you cry. You didn't describe it at all but I know exactly which one you are talking about. I played it over and over again. It's simply amazing. It reminds me of the opening of the Lion King which also is very moving to me but with Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan I feel like I'm somehow involved in the struggle. Anyway, I really identified with your post and I look forward to Elite Beat Agents, the sequal to Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. I bet nintendo does something cool for the WII as well.


I got this on my R4 the other day but to be honest I wouldn't begrudge paying the (normally ridiculous) £30 or whatnot for it. It truly is an awesome game, very well thought out, and I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel. The American version EBA is ok, and the songs are obviously a bit more recognisable, but it's just not got that same... experience!

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